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Apostle L. J. Beato
    Founder & Senior Pastor

Arlinda A. Page

Michael Marsh

Ramon Beato

Stacye Earl

LogoNew Hope and Deliverance Church of Holiness in Christ
10772 Rhode Island Avenue Map
Beltsville, MD 20705
Phone: 301-595-1194




    Apostle LJ Beato                           Pastor Arlinda A. Page




  New Hope and Deliverance is located in the Beltsville Professional Center

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Sunday School 9:30am

Sunday Morning Worship Service 11am

Christian Education/Bible Study Wednesday at 7:00pm

Holy Communion 1st Sunday during Morning Service


Apostle LJ Beato/Founder & Senior Pastor





Chief Prelate Apostle L.J. Beato

Apostle L. J. Beato is the Presiding Bishop and Chief Prelate of Church of Holiness in Christ, Inc., and in her Spiritual office, she is the Chief Apostle of COHIC which serves as the Denominational covering for churches and ministries in Maryland, Tennessee and North Carolina and South Carolina. She is a duly Consecrated Apostle in the Lord's Church with full dignity and has worked tirelessly in this office for over a decade. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, she obeyed the voice of the Almighty God and established New Hope and Deliverance Church of Holiness in Christ nearly two decades ago.   She also is the Founder and Chief Prelate of Anointed Hope Fellowship Connection, Inc.; a network of ministries, pastors and churches.

She authored her first book in 1996 called “There is another fall designed with you in mind" and in 2014 wrote her second book "Where in HELL did this come from?"  Apostle Beato has taken the time in between to do all of which you have read above including but not limited to:  accepting God’s call to minister, lead, pastor, set up and plant churches to setting up a total denomination and more.  She is now getting back to one of her favorite loves-authoring & writing books. 

Apostle Beato is native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her roots in Christianity hailing from the Church of God In Christ. A pioneer of female pastors in the "Grand Old Church" of God In Christ, she received her Certificate of Pastoral Appointment during her membership from the late Bishop O. T. Jones, and served faithfully as the Jurisdictional Advisor-Chairperson to work in the interest of the Department of Women of West Virginia in March of 1995.

Through her prayers and model of holiness, many sons and daughters have become fruitful in various arenas of ministry.   She has birthed Bishop(s), Overseer(s), Pastor(s), Elder(s) and Evangelist(s).    A proud mother of four (4) biological children, three (3) remaining.   Apostle's children are accomplished Bishops, Pastors, Elders, Evangelist(s),  Registered Nurse,  Seasoned Law Enforcement Professional,  Security Director,  Decorated Solider & Sailor in the United States Military and proud parents.

Pastor Arlinda A. Page



A Philadelphia native Pastor Arlinda A Page is the second daughter of our Chief Prelate Apostle L. J. Beato. Pastor Page has served the Metropolitan Washington Area as a Police Officer for 25 years. Pastor Page attended the University of the District of Columbia and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Pastor Page was raised in the church and never strayed far from her first love; Jesus Christ. Following the leading of the Lord, Pastor Page dedicated her life to edifying the masses and building the Kingdom of God. At the Lord's leading, Pastor Page accepted the call to the office of Pastor in February of 2010. 

In November 2010, God laid upon Pastor Page's heart to establish "Christ's Clothes Closet", to assist the community and those outside of the community with FREE clothing and shoes. Leading the sheep of New Hope is Pastor Page's passion and she is dedicated to fulfilling her Kingdom purpose and walking into her destiny.